01. We heard the boom of [thunder] just as we were getting ready to leave for our picnic.
02. The town of Tororo in Uganda had [thunder] on an average of 251 days each year during the period 1967-1976, the highest number on record.
03. The flight was canceled due to a severe [thunderstorm].
04. The sound of [thunder] broke the silence of the night.
05. The fireworks burst in the air with brilliant colors and [thunderous] explosions.
06. The sky was split by the crashing of [thunder].
07. Niagara Falls takes its name from a Mohawk Indian word meaning '[thunder] of waters.'
08. A herd of horses [thundered] across the prairie.
09. "We will never surrender," [thundered] the general.
10. We could hear the [thundering] sound of the waterfall from miles away.
11. The [thunder] of the earthquake could be heard from a great distance.
12. We could hear bombs [thundering] in the night as we approached the capital city.
13. When I was little, my parents told me that [thunder] was the sound that was made when the angels went bowling.
14. If you count the number of seconds between seeing lightning and hearing [thunder], you can determine how many miles away the lightning struck.
15. An Armenian proverb observes that [thunder] clouds do not always give rain.
16. A Chinese proverb states that words whispered on earth are heard in heaven like [thunder]; evil done in dark places the gods see like lightning.
17. W. H. Auden once wrote that [death] is the sound of distant thunder at a picnic.

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